A Virtual Hill Briefing in Support of The Protecting Our Students in Schools Act - Shared screen with gallery view
Glad to be here Terry Alves-Hunter for the FAC in Massachusetts
Morgan Craven_IDRA
The 19 states that still allow corporal punishment in schools: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Wyoming
Dr. Elizabeth Gershoff
Dr. Cooper--you'll want to mute yourself and turn off your video until our second panel.
Morgan Craven_IDRA
Protecting our Students in Schools Act Overview: https://mceachin.house.gov/sites/mceachin.house.gov/files/One%20Pager-%20Protecting%20Our%20Students%20In%20Schools%20Act.pdf
Morgan Craven_IDRA
Morgan Craven_IDRA
Please email Blair Wriston for more information and to add your organization to the list of supporters of the Protecting our Students in Schools Act.
Morgan Craven_IDRA
Learn more about the Nollie Jenkins Family Center and the incredible work they have done to fight corporal punishment in Mississippi: https://nolliejenkinsfamilycenter.org/
Jimmy Dunne
School beatings are child abuse and child abuse is against the law. Call the police and have the person swinging the paddle investigated for child abuse. They should be arrested.
Talila Lewis
Deep appreciation for this heart work. So important. Life saving. Thanks everyone, especially the Black folks who have been engaged in years of work around ending this violence.
Janice Harper
Please support Nollie Jenkins Family Center ongoing work to end corporal punishment by visiting the MS Coalition to End Corporal Punishment website and signing our petition: www.mscoalitiontoendcorporalpunishment.org
Marlyn Tillman
That's child abuse!! Parents are prosecuted for doing that to children. There shouldn't be a different standard for educators.
Marlyn Tillman
That's child abuse!! Parents are prosecuted for doing that to children. There shouldn't be a different standard for educators.
Sharon Waddle
I agree. He should be suspended for 5 years for that.
Kayla Patrick
4 minute warning until panel 2
Morgan Craven_IDRA
Please support Nollie Jenkins Family Center's ongoing work to end corporal punishment by visiting the MS Coalition to End Corporal Punishment website: https://www.mscoalitiontoendcorporalpunishment.org/
Dianna Freelon-Foster
Unfortunately, teachers have immunity and because the mother in the video gave her permission for her child to receive corporal punishment, we were not able to find an attorney who would support or take the case.
Morgan Craven_IDRA
Dr. Johnson is the director of the IDRA EAC-South, one of four federally-funded Equity Assistance Centers that provides resources, training, and other services for education agencies, school districts, and schools to address discrimination based on race, gender, religion, and national origin. These resources and services focus on building positive school climates and most are available without charge: www.idraeacsouth.org
Morgan Craven_IDRA
This 2016 social policy report by Dr. Gershoff and Sarah Font includes a table of all state bans and some disturbing maps of disparities: “Corporal Punishment in U.S. Public Schools: Prevalence, Disparities in Use, and Status in State and Federal Policy”: https://srcd.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/j.2379-3988.2016.tb00086.x
Susan Kelly
Assault & Battery! Child Abuse
Morgan Craven_IDRA
This fact sheet from the American Psychological Association includes data and information about student outcomes: “Corporal Punishment Does Not Belong in Public Schools” https://votervoice.s3.amazonaws.com/groups/apaadvocacy/attachments/APA_Corporal_Punishment_Fact-Sheet.pdf
Jimmy Dunne
Corporal punishment is still legal in Texas schools but is gone from the big cities. The Dallas News had a story about school beating going on in rural schools in north Texas. Rep. Alma Allen has sponsored many bills to abolish school beatings but the Public Education Committee chair does not bring them up for considerations. Sad!
Esther Anne
Thank you Dr. Patton!
Morgan Craven_IDRA
Dr. Stacey Patton’s website featuring her research and reporting on the use of corporal punishment in schools: https://sparethekids.com/
Ellen Reddy
Mississippi passed legislation in 2019 to end corporal punishment on children with disabilities.
Reginald White
In 2018, TN also passed legislation banning CP on students with disabilities (unless allowed in writing by parents) and requires statewide reporting of all CP instances by the TN Dept. of Ed. Unfortunately, there's no ban for all students and many districts don't comply with the reporting requirements. We're working here in TN to push for a ban but this federal legislation is so important!
Ellen Reddy
Still fighting after 50 year!!
Ellen Reddy
States Do Not Have a Right to Best the bodies of black and brown bodies!!
Ellen Reddy
Esther Anne
treat children well and heal the world
Susan Kelly
How & when do we implement National Standards to protect children & youth in safe, and restorative, well resourced learning environments?
fran jefferson
We agree that CP is wrong and doesn’t work. We must have studies on what does work and how to implement positive correction for children.
Ellen Reddy
Congress has never ratified the Convention of the Rights of the Child
Ellen Reddy
Setting and managing expectations in the clsssroom
Ellen Reddy
Dialogue, open and respectful communications among parents and school offiicals
Ellen Reddy
community-building activities; when students feel safe, they engage in the learning environment.
Betty L. Petty
So true, if parents did corporal punishment at home the child canbe taken out of the home. So what is the difference if school put bruises on our children at schools and parents do it at home. They are still human being
Ellen Reddy
The mental health of students, teachers and administrators will need social emotional learning supports
Jolene Sanders-Foster
In Texas, we historically have delayed and denied special education services for eligible students, leading to harsh punishments and physical force for behaviors that are a manifestation of a disability. Identification of eligible students and implementing IEPs with fidelity is critical step as well.
Milagro Gomez
Children should be taught pillers of respect for one another also.
Khem Irby
All the school districts in NC have banned corporal punishment but our legislators have not brought the ratification to the floor for a full vote.
Morgan Craven_IDRA
Learn more about how to create safe and supportive schools, particularly for girls of color in this report from the Education Trust: “And they cared”: How to Create Better, Safer Learning Environments for Girls of Color https://edtrust.org/resource/and-they-cared-how-to-create-better-safer-learning-environments-for-girls-of-color/
Milagro Gomez
So true
Dr. Paula Johnson
SEL skills development will also carry over into adulthood!!
Milagro Gomez
WE Need socil workers in the schools.
Dianna Freelon-Foster
Thank you.
Susan Kelly
NueroScience Brain Training instruction. Mindful Movement opportunities. Restorative Practices & Principles. SEEL=Social Emotional equitable Learning too! Peace Builders Unite!
Ellen Reddy
Thank you for this opportunity!!